Terms of Use



1. The present rules state terms of using and working, rights and duties of the Users, duties and extent of the responsibility of the Administrator of https://robo.soccer.


1. Terms used in the present document have the following meaning:

a) Administrator – Robosoccer Ltd. based in Jasionka 954/227, zip code 36-002 which is listed in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Registry by the District Court in Warsaw, XIIth Commercial Division of the National Court Register, no. NCR:0000654857, tax no.:5170378846, i.e. the subject facilitating the resources of the Service.

b) Service – pages and the subpages facilitated by https://robo.soccer/.

c) Rules – a present document with the attachments that are their integral whole.

d) Services – services within the meaning of the law of 18 July 2002 on electronically supplied services consisting in content demonstration, possibility to make offers, sales proposal presentation, searching for information, commenting and presentation of references from other services.

e) User – legal person using the Service.


1. In order to use the Service, the User needs to have a device with the Internet connection and web browser.

2. The User is responsible for device and software used for browsing the Internet efficiency, including using the Service. The User is being informed that some functions of the web browser can block triggering some of the Service’s functions. That’s why it’s recommended to turn off every additional practicality.


1. The agreement on the supply of information service is concluded by proceeding to use the Service.

2. In order to provide the required level of services, it’s recommended to accept the Rules before the Administrator starts to supply the Service. In case of lack of acceptation the Rules, it’s desirable to stop using the Service.


1. The whole of the content of the Service is the exclusive possession of the Administrator or is facilitated by the agreements concluded between the Administrator and third-party beneficiaries or based on the agreements of the subjects eligible to dispose of rights to individual references. The content of the Service is under protection according to the law of 4 February 1994 on copyright and neighbouring rights.

2. The User is eligible to use the Service for personal purposes and own needs. Any use exceeding the extent mentioned before, especially indicating a commercial or gainful purpose, in particular without the Service Administrator’s agreement, is prohibited.

3. The User has no right to multiply permanently, sell, facilitate or place on the market or export Service’s content in any other way in the whole or in parts, in particular send or facilitate it to any information and communications technology systems, especially to a computer system or network. In terms of acceptable use, it is allowed to multiply Service’s content temporally on the device which lets get to know Service’s content. Any use exceeding the extent mentioned before needs Administrator’s agreement.

4. The User who implements any reference to the Service that may be found a piece of work within the meaning of the law of 4 February 1994 on copyright and neighbouring rights, during using Service’s practicalities facilitated by the Administrator, they give the Administrator unpaid and territorially and causally unlimited licence for further facilitation, saving, multiplying, placing on the market and attaching to other references of the references provided by the User.

5. The User hereby with the license facilitation entitles the Administrator in the field of administering the copyrights that appertain to the User as the creator, including the title to piece’s integrity, the title to mark the piece with a name and a surname or a pseudonym, the right to the integrity of a form and a content of a piece.


1. The Administrator takes responsibility for proper function of the Service.

2. The Administrator is not responsible for the content implemented to the Service by the Users or advertisers if the Administrator bans the questioned content immediately after receiving a message about a happening that violates the rights of third-party beneficiaries or breaks the Rules.

3. The Administrator can adjourn the Service temporarily, especially when it’s reasoned by maintenance purposes, reconstruction of the Service or is connected with a potential danger caused by the activity of a harming software. The Administrator is eligible to adjourn or bereave the access to the Service for individual User in a case when the Administrator has noticed the cases of dealing contrary to the Rules or acts that are harming or violate the rights of third-party beneficiaries.

4. The Administrator is not responsible for breaks in the functioning of the Service caused by the factors that are not dependent on the Administrator and in cases described in the Rules.


1. Present rules can be applied towards the Users who have given the Administrator their personal details and have agreed for processing of

personal data by the Administrator by marking the field next to the formulary of processing of personal data agreement.

2. The Administrator acts as the administrator of personal data within the meaning of the law of 29 August 1997 on privacy law.

3. Giving the personal data by the User is voluntary. The extent of data given to the Administrator depends on the User. Email addresses, telephone numbers, names and surnames of the Users fall within the facilitated personal data.

4. It’s Administrator’s duty to provide safety for processing of personal data. Personal data is stored and processed with the use of both technical and organizational precautions required by the law.

5. The Administrator processes personal data of the User in the extent that is necessary for contacts concerning sales proposal presentation, informing about changes of the proposal and current events, training and events held by the Administrator within the ran activity.

6. The User is being informed about the right of the access to updating, correcting and deleting their personal data.

7. The Administrator states using cookie files which saves short data on the computer of the User or other person viewing the Service that allows thereof identification in order to optimize using the Service, choose more accurate content for the User and for statistical purposes, research, saving the settings and data provided by the User and analysing ways, methods and nature of using the Service.

8. The Administrator uses the information gathered according to the subsection no 7 for their own purposes. Facilitating the information to the third-party beneficiaries is possible only after receiving the User’s agreement or because of mandatory legal provisions.

9. The User can limit or even block cookie files in the settings of browser used to view the Service. Blocking, limiting or deleting cookie files may trigger impediments or even make impossible to use the Service.


1. The User can make a complaint on every disturbance in the performance of the Service by reporting it to the Owner of the Service. As a matter of efficient identification of a fault or abnormality in the performance of the Service, the notice of complaint should be sent without any delay after noticing the fault by the User.

2. Notices of a complaint will be considered by the Owner of the Service up to

14 days from the day of making the complaint.

3. The Rules have the force of law since the day of publishing it on the Service. The Administrator is eligible to change the Rules whereby the information on changes will be published on the websites of the Service. The changes of the Rules come into effect 7 days of the moment of publishing the information about the changed Rules or from the date stated in the changed Rules.

4. In the cases that are not regulated by the Rules, regulations of the statute of 23 April 1964 – Civil Code and the statute of 18 July 2002 on electronically supplied services will be put to use.

5. Present Rules were inserted and published on the Service on 1 October 2018.

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